Welcome to Hirosugi Malaysia! Your premier provider in electronic and machinery components in Malaysia.


Established in the year 2012, it is Hirosugi Malaysia’s aspiration traces its roots back to the earliest establishment of Hirosugi Japan in 1980, primarily involved in the manufacturing and supply of electronic equipment and mechanical devices for both commercial and industrial purposes.  The founding of the Hirosugi Malaysia company has been prudently planned to become one of the leading electronic and mechanical parts manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia with the provision of comprehensive service as “one centre for all” in order to attain the highest standard of customer satisfaction.

 Hirosugi Malaysia manufactures a variety of electronic parts for PCB and other devices as well as mechanical parts for a diversified scope of machinery devices. At Hirosugi Malaysia, customer satisfaction is stressed upon with the emphasis accentuated on quality and excellent attributes that assure of distinctive products.


Since the company’s inception in 1980, the Hirosugi company has grown leaps and bounce in the ASEAN region, progressing positively alongside its counterparts and customers. The decades of experience and progression in the ASEAN region has propelled the company to be one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry regionally, and globally.


To be the leader of electronic components solutions for both commercial and industrial purposes in Malaysia and ASEAN.


Hirosugi Malaysia proudly caters to the PC Board industry and other hardware products such as hand phones, remote controls, socket boards and so on. A wide range of main products are listed as follows:

  • Spacer in kinds of Metals 
  • Spacer in kinds of Plastics 
  • Spacers for Special Use 
  • Terminals and LED Setting Spasers 
  • Mechanical Parts 
  • Plastic Washer 
  • Plastic Bushing 
  • Screws in kinds of Metals and Plastics 
  • Pin Header

At present, Hirosugi Malaysia offers more than 50,000 items of products, including a complete range of spacer in kinds of metals and resins as well as mechanical parts such as pin header, screws, bolts and nuts. Other highlighted products consist of fastener, standoff, rivet, jumper and bushing, 

Our production plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and well-structured manufacturing practice and procedures to ensure distinguished products are produced and delivered to our customers. At Hirosugi Malaysia, all employees undergo rigorous training and development programs for skills upgrade to handle everything from handling the production machinery to churn out the best products to the timely delivery of goods.

We deliberately set up customer service division specifically to attend customer inquiries and after sales services, such division has remained as our pillar of trust to our royal customers. We treat each and every feedback with utmost importance and priority, solving customers’ woes and misery as far as our products are related. Extending helpful services include any after sales services and rejections are looked into promptly. 

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Company Profile

In order to expand business especially to ASEAN country, Hirosugi Malaysia has been established since 2012, an one stop electronic components solution for both commercial and industrial purposes. We mostly serve PC Board industry and other hardware products like hand phone, remote control, socket board and so on. 


We offer complete range of spacer in kinds of metals and resins. We also supply mechanical parts such as pin header, screws, bolts and nuts,. Other highlighted products and services include fastener, standoff, rivet, jumper and bushing, 

With the progressive and intention to grow in the ASEAN, we have grown to be one of the most respected manufacturer in the industry. 

Product Lineup

Product lineup details :
  • Spacer
  • Pin Header
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Bushing / Washer
  • Screw / Bolt / Nut (Plastic)
  • Screw / Bolt / Nut (Metal)
  • Insert Nut
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